Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rainy days at Basaga

Don't think I have been on a wetter holiday than the one we are experiencing in Kuching which says a lot considering Ireland is on the list on a regular basis! It has rained four nights in a row and every afternoon. This evening there was no break and we just couldn't face going out and had dinner in the hotel.

So tired we were from TV and technology all afternoon that we decided to teach the kids dominos which is a first for us for a family game. It was great fun until Jack dropped one of the tiles through the floor boards below into an unretrievable pond! Donncha and I were devastated for a while - nothing worse than an incomplete game and a Smiggles set at that - sorry F & Z!

Luckily hotel area itself is lovely, built around an old house. The bar cum restaurant is based around a courtyard which is likely lovely when it's not raining. The rooms are a short walk from there albeit our room was mere 10 steps from the kitchen.

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