Monday, April 14, 2014

Panaga Football 2014

Yesterday the kids and I spent the best part of our Sunday at Panaga for the annual football tournament.    The weather was perfect for it if a bit too hot. Parents moaned and grumbled as usual but it was great to see the kids - girls and boys - have so much fun enjoying their games and rooting for their side. 

Iman played in the U11 girls which is also the FOBISIA team . Jack played for the U9 JIS 'A' team, likewise the FOBISIA Year 4 team. And as there were no younger teams, Ayden played in the U9 JIS 'C' team. 

Jack and Ayden's team were in the same group and played in total 5 matches each - including one against each other whilst Iman only played 4 matches and a final.

Jack's team coach told the team that to look professional they needed to tuck their shirts in!

And Jack kept his tucked in the whole morning unlike the regular school day!

Ayden was too cool to tuck his in!

Serious team talk with the coach

Brothers in opposite teams

And this one's my favourite

Ayden was goalie towards the end of the match

McCarthy brothers

Ayden and his team mates. Four boys from year 4, one from Year 3 and Ayden Year 2. They had never played together as a team before this morning but they bonded together very quickly. Look forward to seeing more from these boys at next Sunday's JIS Football Funday

I didn't get too many pictures of Iman in action but her team got to the final and played against ISB KB. The game went to a penalty shootout and unfortunately Iman's team lost. Big shame to come so far and loose but the girls took the defeat graciously and were happy with their second place trophy and medals. They're a very talented group of athletic girls and they'll proudly represent their school in a few weeks in swimming, athletics, T-ball and football ~ extremely proud that Iman's part of it.

Jack's team too got to the final for the U9. They ended up playing against a very tough team from the Hornbill School and like Iman's final the game went to a penalty shootout. But after 5 shots each they were still drawn and it went to "sudden-death". Myself and the mums present weren't coping too well by this stage - don't think I've been so stressed over a match like this for a long time! And it was a huge relief they won and by that stage a couple of the team including Jack were frayed with emotions the poor things - and credits to the goalie who was ever so brave! Roll on FOBISIA!

Jack after shooting a goal - see shirt still tucked in!

One very happy boy with the winning trophy!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Jack is 9

Our Jack turned 9 on Thursday this week. Every birthday before 18 is exciting but 9 is always a special one as its only 1 year away from double digits! Jack received an iPad Mini as his one big birthday present - plenty of excitement there. Then his school day was one he couldn't ask for better - it was the swimming gala for the Junior Sports League with three other international schools so he was at the stadium between 9:30 to 2pm - grand day he had!

Jack did well for the swimming getting two first place ribbons for 25m fly and 50m breast. Then in the afternoon we had cake with the family. For the record, yes I did try to make a paleo beetroot chocolate cake for my little boy and needless to say it ended up in the bin!

Then on Friday Jack had his party. Donncha took Jack and Ayden together with 7 of Jack's mates to the cinema to watch Captain America 2 and then it was pizza and cake and 6 boys slept over. 

As for the sleepover part, it was certainly different to having 10 girls over in January! This duvet coming making its way into the McCarthy household made us laugh!

And the next morning!

Love this picture Donncha took. Different styles of jumping in - top points to the somersault!

The theme for the morning was guns and pool - no points for guessing what I preferred!

And cake! Another rich chocolate cake from Kitchen of Jasmine. 
So divine probably because no beetroot were involved! 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

KK in March

We had a refreshing break in KK for the school holidays

Our mornings started with this view

And ended with the most amazing sunsets

We dined with family and friends

Made new ones

And strengthened our friendship

We hung out by the pool

And the Marina just admiring the boats and yachts

Played on the little beach at the hotel 

And a short trip to Sapi Island albeit with the masses!

And we enjoyed many dinners especially Chinese seafood!

With plenty of garlic and chillies!


And crabs!

Which the boys devoured - and all the better now 
that they are now able to pick out the meat themselves!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Maria 1 Appendix 0

It's a weekend we won't forget. Firstly our adventure journey from KK with the two hour detour in Lawas spent with two mechanic brothers who looked like they were going to pull our car engine apart. 

Then yesterday my suspected "food poinsoning" took a turn for the worse till I was writhing with so much abdominal pain. Unable to take the pain anymore I made Donncha drive me to our nearest hospital to get some relief. Upon examination the doctor said he suspected appendicitis and ordered an ultrasound. Me "Forget the ultrasound, just give me painkillers and I'll go home"! 

Thankfully I was promptly overruled as it did turn out to be my appendix and the surgeon came in an hour to remove it! It all happened very quickly - thank you JPMC - and I was back in the suite by 12midnight. It's also some minor miracle this happened at home as opposed to the last 9 days whilst we were away!

Unfortunately (or some might say fortunately) today is the last day to attempt 14.5 of the Crossfit Open. I did want a score for this considering my big 0 for 14.2 but hey ho. Not sure which would have been more painful!

Hopefully I will be allowed home today!