Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super Gold Fish

I honestly never thought we could ever keep a goldfish this long. At JIS Football Funday October 2012. One of the kids won a bag containing 3 small fish from a games stall (that's you Rachel!). I can't say I was too impressed with the "prize" and we had to buy a small tank and all. A week after one of the trio died... Here we go I thought! But then the two just continued to grow to the point that I had to upgrade to a bigger tank - funnily enough from a friend that had won fish on that day too (Kim!). Anyway number 2 moved on about 10 months ago leaving this big guy. I've actually got quite fond of him especially as he seems to be hungry all the time. When I open the flap he's right there waiting for the food. He seems  happy enough to be alone. Let's see how much longer he lives or he is going to need a new home!

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