Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Bears in the house

All three had their leaving assemblies last week - an event we have talked about ever since we decided to leave; who were they going to chose to say their goodbyes and who was going to cry etc.

With the school so big, the leaving assembly would have dragged on all morning so all three were in different sessions. Every leaving child nominates one, two or even three friends to say goodbye to them and after the speeches, the leaver is presented with the JIS leaving bear. As I have seen previously it can get quite emotional for the parents so I was well prepared. 

Jack was the first of the lot (though the very last one of the assembly for that group) and he had Alexander and Olly say his goodbyes. Both have been his friends since they were in Kindly together and have formed very solid friendships in and out of the classroom and on and off the pitch! They said some very lovely things about Jack and also from Jack's class teacher Mr. Whitehead. 

Following Jack's session was Iman's and again the very last goodbye. Iman had her best friend Natasha who she has been besties with since Year 1 and also Eleanor, another very close friend since Year 1. Her teacher Mrs Turner too said some very lovely words. Iman has kind of been dreading this assembly and it didn't take long for the floodgates to open, as did mine and several of the teaching staff. Iman has made such good friends in JIS and has been there since she was 2 and a half (albeit with a short break in Bangkok).

We had to wait the next day for Ayden's and he had 3 friends say goodbye - Neo, William and Haqeem. Poor William had his leg in a cast and Ayden was anxious all week that William would be there! His teacher Ms Miles was full of praise saying that not only was Ayden was excellent swimmer but also a mathematician!

Second day I was more clued on with what to do hence the pictures. I only took videos for Iman and Jack and when Iman showed me how to do both at the same time, I managed to stop Ayden's video without realizing it which was all very disappointing.

But what wasn't disappointing was the lovely farewells all three got from such good friends and teachers. Its a blessing that all three children have developed big personalities in such a big school and that they will be missed. JIS has been excellent for all three, shaping them into the all-rounders that they are with the passion to learn and to win in anything they partake. We are all no doubt going to miss JIS and all that it offers; and it will take some adjusting going from such a big school to one with an overall student population of 300 but we are also looking forward to our new adventure. 

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