Friday, February 24, 2012

Sport Relief Mile 2012

The Sport Relief Mile Run is one of the biggest charity fundraising events in the UK. Funds are raised by running / walking / hopping / jumping a mile. Today JIS and the British High Commission hosted the event and kids and parents completed the mile with a donation and all proceeds going to Pusat Ehsan. 

The event stated with a warm-up - spot Jack in the middle.

The mile itself was a route twice around the school and the kids loved it. I never even saw Iman during the run and struggled to keep up with Donncha and Jack who actually wanted to go round 3x. Thanks Boel for the photograph of our estatic boy.

Best thing about going for a run at lunch time is lunch itself and we were not short of offerings. Unfortunately Iman was too quick to go for ice-cream and tripped over resulting in a gash on the knee and landing us in JPMC for a glue dressing but that's another story and another post!

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