Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ayden 1st Class Assembly

We have had a countdown to this day for the over a week - so exciting to be performing in front of the whole junior school. We knew they were doing Billy Goats Gruff but Ayden kept it a secret what his role was. 

A very nervous Billy Goat before the start of the assembly. There was only a small group of parents when they first entered the room and Ayden said to his class teacher "Oh dear... I hope we get a bigger audience than that!"

The third Billy Goat meets the troll on the bridge

Elephant Class perform in front of the whole Junior School

A very relieved Ayden that it is all over!

It was a lovely assembly and they were all so cute and entertaining. Ayden has had such a good year in Reception. Such a lovely group of children and an exceptional teacher. Ayden is going to miss Mrs. W so much (and we are going to miss her too). Somehow with Ayden maybe because he is the youngest, I get very emotional with each milestone he reaches. We won't experience Reception ever again. My kids are all growing up, very quickly.

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