Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A walk on the wild side

Last weekend an opportunity to do the Headhunters Trail from Limbang to Mulu arose and I kindly turned it down being Jack's birthday weekend and a swimming competition round the corner on Sunday. But after much persuasion and and I have decided to go with it with the other two girls, Hana and Anna. 

The plan is to get to the Kuala Lurah border at dawn tomorrow morning to meet our guide. From there we will drive to the river and go on a boat ride before starting the walk to Camp 5 of the Mulu National Park. We will then spend our first night there. The next morning we will climb the Pinnacles which is a challenging 3 hours ascend and descend up to 1,200m. We will spend a second night at Camp 5 and the next day head to Mulu to take our flight back to Miri and head back home.

It's going to be a challenge but looking forward to it!

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