Monday, October 28, 2013

Brunei 7-9 Swimming Championships Part II

Ayden and Jack both had a great day at the swim meet yesterday. With the 7-9 competition, all the categories are thrown in to swim together but the results then sorted by category. Ayden was swimming in the 7 year category and Jack in the 8. But as their seed times are very close, they swam in at least two heats together.

Jack came away with a silver for 25m breaststroke and gold for 25m backstroke. 

Ayden finished with golds for 25m butterfly and 25m breaststroke and silvers for 25m backstroke and 25m freestyle.

Both were estatic and as always we are very proud of both of them. They both even got a mention in the Borneo Bulletin.

Swimming right next to each other in their breaststroke heat

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