Monday, August 09, 2010

Back to Kerry - This time it's Dingle !

As most of you will now know, we do have a real liking for Kerry and the west coast of Ireland in general. So, despite original plans to head to the Wicklow mountains for the second week of my leave, we changed and headed to Dingle.
We again hit the housing jackpot, with a lovely 4 bedroom (plenty of room for visitors), about 10 minutes walk from Dingle town.

The view from the house is fantastic - we had all seasons yesterday, from a beautiful day on Ventry beach to a heavy mist that decended on the bay shortly before dinner.

Sean and Emma stayed the night, so we had some insider knowledge about the area and once breakfast formalities were completed, we headed to Paudi O'Shea's pub in Ventry (we thought it was a little early for that!) and to a beautiful stretch of Ventry beach. The kids once again realised that the Atlantic does offer a different experience to the South China Sea so toes were dipped and the focus changed to hurling and football.

What a beautiful place - Maria and I simply stood on the beach looking quietly at the view for an age - nature is wonderful when it does that to you. Keeping the location is perspective and the fact that 3.30 was approaching, the sounds of an approaching helicopter caught everyone's attention - it was one of 2 that landed in the field next to Ventry church and Paudi O'Shea's bringing an extended family to the pub to watch the Cork - Kilkenny game.

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