Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dingle Night Out

Apologies to those who by now are "Dingled" out. I promise this is the last set and believe me it is such a lovely place.

We had dinner at this little fish restaurant which has up on the front "only fresh fish, nothing frozen and no chips". And it's owned by a Frenchman so I guess you can't go wrong and we weren't disappointed!

To start we had mussels and oysters. I wanted to go all out with the oysters but Donncha wanted both. And how right was he as the mussels was as fresh as they come with a lovely flavor from fresh rosemary.

Straight from the tank

For mains I had the scallops which was superb. Doesn't look much but it was still one scallop too much for me!

And Donncha had the whole wild bass perfectly grilled. So simple but could we duplicate this at home ~ no!

Next we headed to the famed O'Flahertys for some Irish music. Dingle is a big centre for Irish music and most bars will host musicians which you will not find in other towns in the country. Initially it was just the man with the beard (a very talented man who played up to 5 instruments and could sing as well) and the lady with the flute and they were later joined by their mate on the guitar and the man on the violin was a customer who just joined in.

On our way home we noticed these big deep sea fishing trawlers unloading - they were all Spanish and more surprisingly unloading their catch straight onto waiting Spanish trucks to drive the catch back. And the trawlers didn't hang about much. They turned round straight away and said they would be at sea for another week up North. Not for the fainthearted!

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