Friday, January 20, 2012

Junior Sports Day 2012

Our kids just love Sports Day. They're always very proud to put on their blue tshirts (including bandana this year) and talk about the competition all the way to school. 

As usual the little ones were indoors with their mini races with lots of shouting and fun. If Ayden didn't run so fast I could have got better pictures of him!

And Jack, always happy to be amongst his mates and doing his best.

In the meantime, outside Iman was very busy running, throwing and jumping.

And what a good morning she had. Iman came 1st place in her girls year group for the t-ball throw, 2nd for long jump and third for both 400m and 100m races, coming behind the Downey girls in both runs. And the blue house girls relay team also came first in the 4x100 event. One very happy girl especially as she missed the day last year.

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