Monday, January 02, 2012

Kuching Food

After our Kuching trip I am hooked on Sarawak Laksa. Most states in Malaysian have their own laksa and my favourite has always been the Penang laksa with its hot sour and tangy flavours. That was until I discovered the laksa in Kuching, which is not only sour but spicy with a hint of curry - perfect for breakfast! So good was this cafe that we came here twice for breakfast. Donncha and I tucked into steaming bowls of laksa (I could have had seconds) and the kids had nasi lemak.

The cafe next door was Chinese serving mostly the famed Sarawak kolo mee, which is one of our favourite lunch staples here in Brunei. Unfortunately we never got to try the Sarawak version :( 

Another dish we had which blew our minds (literally) was the Sarawak Umai fish salad, which is a spicy salad made with raw thin slices of fish, lime juice and plenty of chilli. A dish traditional to the Melanau tribe, the lime juice marinate "cooks" the fish. Delicious but should come with a warning!

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