Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Tiger

A lovely family recently left Brunei and we adopted their family cat Tiger. It took her a couple of weeks to settle down and the kids are only just getting used to her. I haven't had a house cat since I was a child and I am loving her company (except she seems to want me to sit with her while she is eating and I don't always have the time to do that). Credit goes to her original family - she is so well trained and such a great temperament. Of course Spotty's nose is out of joint!


Rozi said...

Aaaaawwww, you have a kitty! Yay! Sounds like you got a great cat... funny how Tiger needs you there when it's food time, hahahah!

Maria said...

Rozi, she is so manja. She's also taken to our bed at night!