Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Reunion with Sriram Family

Our closest friends whist our short stay in Bangkok was the Sriram family. Iman and Rahul were best buddies in kindy and Rohan then 7 or 8 was very good with Jack. We haven't seen them for over four years and as surprised as they were to to see Iman, Jack and Ayden, we were amazed how they had both grown! It took a while for the kids to relax but we couldn't have picked a better restaurant, Benihana, for entertainment. Kids loved the show the chef put on especially their participation. And to top it all the food was fab!

Rohan was game to picking up a spinning egg much to the amusement of the others!

Chef was good value! Will have her for a kids party anyday.

Chef then decides to toss pieces of scrambled egg for kids to catch. Much excitement and laughter!

Meanwhile on the Mummies and Daddies table it was all chit chat and the chef tosses an egg yolk for our attention. I guess he had the easier table!

Post meal with chilled out kids enjoying each others company.

How they are now:

How they were in 2007

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