Saturday, July 28, 2012

JIS Olympians

It's not everyday that you personally know an Olympian let alone two. This year we are lucky to have two ex-JIS students who both swam in the same swimming pool and under the same coach as Iman, Jack and Ayden who still currently coaches in the school. 

Zach (Tepaia) Payne aged 18, is from New Zealand but is swimming for his native Cook Islands in the Mens 20m free on 2nd August. 

Anderson Lim is the first Bruneian swimmer to represent Brunei in the Olympics. At only 16 we hope this will be only his first. Anderson is competing in the Mens 200m free.

So proud to have them both there especially in a sport that is close to out own interests and the fact that Zach's mum is a personal friend makes it more personal. Here's a picture of the two boys before the opening ceremony with Usian Bolt borrowed from Kate with thanks. 

We're proud to be supporting our JIS boys and the best to both of them!

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