Thursday, August 02, 2012

Orang Utans - jackpot second time round!

Last Christmas in Kuching we visited a orang utan sanctuary in the hope to see the Borneo primates in the wild. But as with many things we had planned in Kuching, the rain let us down. So it was a lovely surprise for the kids (and us) to walk into the sanctuary at the Rasa Ria (yes along with scores of other gaping tourists) to find these two youngsters feeding and at play. I'm not very good at distinguishing the primates but I think most of these pictures are of the very playful youngster about five or six years of age; the other being the same age but not as outgoing.

And later in the afternoon we met this baby who is only two! Such a cutie but the kids most exciting memory about this baby was it did a wee in front of the crowds!!! 

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