Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Archery and Rock Climbing in KK

Here are more photographs from the rock climbing session in KK at the SICC. Iman and Jack were first up and at first were only going up half way. It took them all several attempts to go all the way up to the top and Ayden was the most hesitant but eventually got there. 

And once they had "mastered" with ropes, it was time to go al fresco and learning to fall on the mat.

And if that wasn't enough adventure in a day, they tried archery in the afternoon in a shopping mall. For not very much, they got about 40 arrows each and the assistants stayed with the kids the whole time especially Ayden who needed the most help. Just wish this was something we could do closer to home!


Azan said...

what about the archery place in KB? :) -Azan

Maria said...

Thanks Azan, I only recently heard about the place in KB and look forward to checking it out!