Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Snorkeling at its best in KK

When we started planning for our holiday, where to go and what to do, snorkeling was very much top of the list. It was good in Krabi, we saw plenty of small fish but not much coral. The last time I went snorkeling in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park was well over 10 years ago and even then it was only snorkeling off the beaches. This time we wanted to be a bit more adventurous and see more than the usual. We found this company online DiveDownBelow and although it wasn't the cheapest option we wanted to swim in the waters unaccessible to the throng of tourists that visit the park daily. 

We went for a days guided snorkeling package with a guide and we were kitted with wet suits and flippers. Our first site was off Gaya Island where the dive centre is based and the coral was fabulous if a little too deep in some areas for the kids especially Iman who did not enjoy herself. Our second site we went to was by boat to Mamutik Island and this was by far the best of all three sites - it was an underground garden, all intact and simply breathtaking. We were kicking ourselves that we did not bring Iman's underwater camera with us. We even saw a small moray eel. It was about 4m deep and again Iman did not enjoy it despite having the guide with us and holding on to a ring. And fortunately for her (but not for us that were enjoying this) a storm rapidly came in making it and we had to scramble back on board and back to base. Luckily the weather improved in the afternoon and we were once again able to enjoy the colorful underwater world (including a bright blue starfish) off Sapi Island and by the time the kids had got into the swing of things and simply loved it. A highly recommended day trip and we would do it again!

Ayden nearly emptied the tin of Marie biscuits.

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