Monday, September 24, 2012

Hippy House Captain

Last Friday Iman's Year 5 class did the first assembly for the new school year and as it was Peace Week, their theme was "Peace", thus the hippy clothing. It was also a big moment for Iman on a personal level as she had applied to be a House Captain and the results were announced during the assembly. Voting took place the week before and each person in the Blue House listened to speeches delivered by the candidates and voted for their preference. Jack displayed a mature understanding of the approach when we told him to vote for Iman - he declined, saying that it would depend on her speech !! In the end, he voted for someone else as their sibling had said to Jack that they could not be friends unless Jack voted for his sister (Democracy at it's best !!). Iman was elected without the support of Jack and now has a full year to lead the Blue House kids - we are extremely proud parents !

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