Sunday, October 28, 2012

3rd Brunei 6-8 Swimming Championships Oct 2012

This afternoon Iman and Jack attended the 3rd Brunei 6-8 Swimming Championships. Though competition was tough for Iman, she finished with a medal from each event - 2 silvers and 3 bronzes. And Jack was over the moon with his 2 silvers and 1 bronze. This is a great little competition for the younger swimmers of Brunei. All age groups swims in mixed heats so it doesn't matter if you are 6 or 8, but final results are according to your age groups. So for example Jack coming last in a top heat was still able to come in 2nd or 3rd as he was against the other 6yr olds in the other heats. Unfair? I think not as it should help the younger swimmers to swim faster amongst their older peers. But overall the competition is a great start for the little ones especially the novice racers cos everyone is almost the same size and thankfully it doesn't go on forever!

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