Monday, January 28, 2013

My Big Four Ohh

I think I stopped counting after 21 but this one is hard to avoid mentioning. I am blessed to have Donncha and Iman, Jack & Ayden, my loving and supporting parents, sisters, nieces and nephews. And not to forget a wealth of friends some of whom are like sisters to me - and who all tell me that 40 is now the new 30 but probably only because one or two of them are well on their way to 50!

Thank you for all the lovely presents. A MacBook Pro that is still in the box waiting to be taken out (Iman already claiming the MacBook), a beautiful necklace from my parents, new Pandora charms from the neighbours, and other wonderful presents from friends including a lovely candleholder, a set of intricate napkin holders & a sewing kit that will need some further thought and research before embarking on a project. And some beautiful flowers too - thank you all. Not to forget the Facebook messages from friends new and old, near and far; that kept coming in all day - thank you all for making my day a special one.

I started the day with the gym, lunch with Donncha by the Brunei River, followed by the JIS poolside and ending the day with a hotpot dinner with the family minus Donncha and my parents who are still away - thank you FaceTime. A simple day with my loved ones.

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