Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Iman is 10

I won't go into the details of 10 years ago, some memories are best kept in the past. But it all ended well and we found ourselves with a baby 2.23kg baby girl! And that was the first night of many unbroken sleeps - sleep has never been the same again and I wonder if it will ever be normal.

Our not so baby girl is 10 today. There was huge excitement when Iman open her presents this morning. There was a Pandora bracelet from Aunties and Uncle in Ireland, swim togs from Granny and Grandad - thank you. Ayden and Jack gave her a mini speaker and the main present was a Samsung Phone - which is giving Jack and Ayden some serious aspirations for the future.

We had a party in the evening with all the cousins. More presents - thank you for M'ah and M'Pah for the Fuji Poloroid - she loves it. To her PipiNana for the perfume, to Fatin, Zahra & Ma'Ann for the bag and dress and to Nini U for the toys.

And thank you for Donncha for perfect chicken and burgers off the barbie. We had M'ah and M'Pah on FaceTime for cutting of the cake - we missed you both.

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