Monday, February 25, 2013

Jack and his two front teeth

Jack's two front teeth have been ready to go for a couple of months especially one that has been drastically protruding forward due to another tooth growing behind. Yesterday he came running home ecstatic that he had lost a tooth but much to my disappointment it was not the one that really needed to go. But we didn't have to wait long as he came running in again today very distressed that the tooth was halfway there but needed more help. Jack does not tolerate pain very well so it took a while but eventually he managed to pull it down with a bit of help from Daddy! Hence the Tooth Fairy is called out two nights in a row!!

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discoverni said...

Hi Maria,

Jane McGarrigle here from the Discover Northern Ireland Digital Team (Northern Ireland Tourist Board).

We came across you blog and love it! We would be very interested in speaking to you about some family activities in Northern Ireland.

If possible could you send on a contact email or telephone number?

I look forward to hearing from you,


Jane McGarrigle