Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ireland 2013

After the usual long journey we are finally in Cork, and it's lovely to be back with the McCarthys especially with our absence last summer. Thankfully the journey was not so bad and the actual long haul flight seemed much shorter than previous. The weather in Cork is cool but that's what the Irish summer is all about!

Thank you to the Menard family for entertaining us for the day in Singapore. And in London it was great to catch up with long time BFF Skye PJ.

Sadly during the journey we had to say goodbye to a good friend leaving Brunei for good. I first met Kim less than two  years ago and honestly never thought we would end up being friends - and Kim admits she was not so sure about me either! However with a similar interest in morning activities we started with jungle walks followed by Crossfit - where we have encouraged and consoled each other when necessary. Kim, thank you for being a friend. We will miss you, Mallory (Little M) and Scott. All the best with your new home!

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