Monday, August 19, 2013

Mizen Head

On one of days in West Cork when all the kids wanted to do was watch TV, we packed them into the car (almost screaming) and drove south towards Bantry Bay and on to Mizen Head which is the most south-westerly point of Ireland. Mizen Head is home to the Signal Station for the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse and is now also a very informative and dramatically scenic visitor centre. It was so good that the kids even stopped complaining about the long drive! 

We saw some amazing footage of how the Fastnet Lighthouse was manned prior to building the signal station. In rough weather the lighthouse keepers on a change of shift would be hoisted up onto the lighthouse on a harness followed by their supplies!

These family photographs are getting easier!

Iman and I with shaky knees going across the bridge

And the view from the bridge

Iman was the one most excited to be at the most south-westerly point (red marker below) but Ayden was the only one willing to have a picture taken.

And one last complaint on the way home was we never stopped at this lovely beach for a swim. And of course we were to blame despite trying to get them out of the house all morning!!

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