Monday, March 31, 2014

Maria 1 Appendix 0

It's a weekend we won't forget. Firstly our adventure journey from KK with the two hour detour in Lawas spent with two mechanic brothers who looked like they were going to pull our car engine apart. 

Then yesterday my suspected "food poinsoning" took a turn for the worse till I was writhing with so much abdominal pain. Unable to take the pain anymore I made Donncha drive me to our nearest hospital to get some relief. Upon examination the doctor said he suspected appendicitis and ordered an ultrasound. Me "Forget the ultrasound, just give me painkillers and I'll go home"! 

Thankfully I was promptly overruled as it did turn out to be my appendix and the surgeon came in an hour to remove it! It all happened very quickly - thank you JPMC - and I was back in the suite by 12midnight. It's also some minor miracle this happened at home as opposed to the last 9 days whilst we were away!

Unfortunately (or some might say fortunately) today is the last day to attempt 14.5 of the Crossfit Open. I did want a score for this considering my big 0 for 14.2 but hey ho. Not sure which would have been more painful!

Hopefully I will be allowed home today! 

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