Sunday, March 09, 2014

Weekend jungle walks

This weekend has been all about the jungle for us. Yesterday morning we took Iman to one of our favourite walks with the deep pools which Iman absolutely loved. Its amazing what you find in the jungle and the cascading pools are one of the best features and so close to built up areas.

And this morning the whole family went - probably the first time we have all gone for a walk together. Unfortunately no rock pools in this area and we had a few moans. But we did it what we needed to do and the kids were rewarded with fruit back at the car.

I will never tire of the jungle and all it has to offer ~ despite all the cobwebs I walked into this morning. I know many that would be terrified to walk into one - so much taboo about going jungle walking - but to me the jungle is an oasis that offers endless adventures and is simply the best Brunei has to offer.

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