Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy 21st Amin

A very big Happy Birthday to our Amin who turns 21 today. He's sitting his final exams at the moment. 21 years ago I was in Aberystwyth in my second year and still remember getting the call - of course pre-mobile phone days it was the good old pay phone at the block entrance. 

The picture above was taken on my 30th birthday and Amin was only 10 (Iman was only 11 days old). The three did a dance that night - I shall spare them the pictures!

I was going to come up with some wise words for you but that would be too corny. So just two simple things, 

Live your life 

Take every opportunity that comes to you

We love you very much Amin and we are all very proud of you. 

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