Sunday, April 27, 2014

JIS Football Funday 2014

Last Sunday was the  JIS Football Funday and its only taken me a week to put the pictures up! This is one of JIS biggest sporting fixtures of the year with teams of all ages from all over Brunei competing and playing on home grounds, the kids look forward to this day all year! It will be the last Football Funday for the McCarthy family and for the first time ever all three were involved in matches. I remember a time when when the Funday was all about face painting for Iman. Iman and Jack played in their Fobisia teams, the same from Panaga the week before and Ayden this tine played in a Year 3 team. 

Jack's team did really well winning all their matches in their group and finished as winners. Very happy boys!

Ayden's team finished third and along the way had a game with a penalty shootout. Ayden for the first time was put as a keeper and though he wasn't keen on it at all, he made a very decent one. 

Iman's team this time came first in their category but unfortunately the team they lost to the week before were not there. What was great to see that day was the number of girls playing - its wonderful to see that girls in Brunei love the sport and are continuing to play!

At the end of the day all three very happy with their medals!

And we even managed a picture with Mr. AFW!

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