Monday, April 14, 2014

Panaga Football 2014

Yesterday the kids and I spent the best part of our Sunday at Panaga for the annual football tournament.    The weather was perfect for it if a bit too hot. Parents moaned and grumbled as usual but it was great to see the kids - girls and boys - have so much fun enjoying their games and rooting for their side. 

Iman played in the U11 girls which is also the FOBISIA team . Jack played for the U9 JIS 'A' team, likewise the FOBISIA Year 4 team. And as there were no younger teams, Ayden played in the U9 JIS 'C' team. 

Jack and Ayden's team were in the same group and played in total 5 matches each - including one against each other whilst Iman only played 4 matches and a final.

Jack's team coach told the team that to look professional they needed to tuck their shirts in!

And Jack kept his tucked in the whole morning unlike the regular school day!

Ayden was too cool to tuck his in!

Serious team talk with the coach

Brothers in opposite teams

And this one's my favourite

Ayden was goalie towards the end of the match

McCarthy brothers

Ayden and his team mates. Four boys from year 4, one from Year 3 and Ayden Year 2. They had never played together as a team before this morning but they bonded together very quickly. Look forward to seeing more from these boys at next Sunday's JIS Football Funday

I didn't get too many pictures of Iman in action but her team got to the final and played against ISB KB. The game went to a penalty shootout and unfortunately Iman's team lost. Big shame to come so far and loose but the girls took the defeat graciously and were happy with their second place trophy and medals. They're a very talented group of athletic girls and they'll proudly represent their school in a few weeks in swimming, athletics, T-ball and football ~ extremely proud that Iman's part of it.

Jack's team too got to the final for the U9. They ended up playing against a very tough team from the Hornbill School and like Iman's final the game went to a penalty shootout. But after 5 shots each they were still drawn and it went to "sudden-death". Myself and the mums present weren't coping too well by this stage - don't think I've been so stressed over a match like this for a long time! And it was a huge relief they won and by that stage a couple of the team including Jack were frayed with emotions the poor things - and credits to the goalie who was ever so brave! Roll on FOBISIA!

Jack after shooting a goal - see shirt still tucked in!

One very happy boy with the winning trophy!

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