Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Jack is 9

Our Jack turned 9 on Thursday this week. Every birthday before 18 is exciting but 9 is always a special one as its only 1 year away from double digits! Jack received an iPad Mini as his one big birthday present - plenty of excitement there. Then his school day was one he couldn't ask for better - it was the swimming gala for the Junior Sports League with three other international schools so he was at the stadium between 9:30 to 2pm - grand day he had!

Jack did well for the swimming getting two first place ribbons for 25m fly and 50m breast. Then in the afternoon we had cake with the family. For the record, yes I did try to make a paleo beetroot chocolate cake for my little boy and needless to say it ended up in the bin!

Then on Friday Jack had his party. Donncha took Jack and Ayden together with 7 of Jack's mates to the cinema to watch Captain America 2 and then it was pizza and cake and 6 boys slept over. 

As for the sleepover part, it was certainly different to having 10 girls over in January! This duvet coming making its way into the McCarthy household made us laugh!

And the next morning!

Love this picture Donncha took. Different styles of jumping in - top points to the somersault!

The theme for the morning was guns and pool - no points for guessing what I preferred!

And cake! Another rich chocolate cake from Kitchen of Jasmine. 
So divine probably because no beetroot were involved! 

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